Do HC Maintenance Pills Keep You Slim?


While most are looking for weight loss supplements that work fast to help you lose weight. Others are just looking to maintain. If you’ve already spent some serious effort losing weight, HCG Maintenance is designed for you.  Actually, to clarify, HCG Maintenance is supposed to work best as a follow-up to iSatori’s HCG Activator.  Though neither of these weight loss supplements actually contain hCG, they claim to work just as well at accelerating Some other big claims are that HCG Maintenance can:

  • Reset your metabolism to a higher normal state
  • Eliminate your sugar cravings and emotional urges to eat
  • Prevent the abnormal future storing of fat in the “problem areas” of your body (hips, stomach, thighs, etc.)

We were very interested in the formula they came up with to try to come through on these claims, but were shocked (but really not that shocked) to find that it resembles at least 3 dozen other weight loss supplement formulas that we can think of. It contains a few ingredients that can help you boost your metabolism and promote weight loss, but nothing that comes through on these claims specifically.1460536666

HCG Maintenance Pills Ingredient Quality

The HCG Maintenance formula is all one single proprietary blend that masks the specific ingredient concentrations.  Each bottle contains 100 pills and at the recommended dosage of 4 pills per day you’re getting  1369 mg of:

  • Razberi-K Raspberry Ketone -a chemical found in raspberries which  may promote lipolysis by stimulating the metabolism through increasing levels of the protein hormone adiponectin.
  • Caffeine – the bread and butter of weight loss (maybe we should say the lettuce and celery?), this stimulant also temporarily increases the metabolic rate.
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG and caffeine) – with caffeine and antioxidants, green tea is one of the best natural weight loss supplements you can find.
  • Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) Extract – as it contains anthocyanins, some claim this functions as a potent antioxidant or even in promoting weight loss, but the science isn’t really conclusive at this point.
  • Cinnulin PF Cinnamon Extract (3% Type A polymers) – may increase insulin sensitivity which increases your body’s ability to control blood sugar levels.

HCG Maintenance Pills Long-Term Results

There really are no long-term studies to speak of with HCG Maintenance. It is meant to be used for about a month either between cycles of HCG Activator or just as a way of maintaining in general.  While the ingredients look fine, taking high levels of caffeine over a long period of time will make you develop a tolerance which will make it harder to “stay up” after you stop taking it

HCG Maintenance Pills Company Reputation

iSatori, maker of HCG Activator, HCG Maintenance and a variety of other weight loss supplements, has been around for quite a while and generally has a reputation for safe products and good customer service. They only have one complaint with the Better Business Burea registered in the last three years and this has been resolved.

HCG Maintenance Pills Safetycro_health_hand_holding_pills_07-14

The only real concern you may have in using HCG Maintenance is the amount of caffeine that you’ll be taking with the recommended dosage.  They don’t tell us exactly how much this will be, but it is likely to be between 200-300 mg. You should start by taking only one pill and seeing how this affects you before upping the dosage. If you are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, the full dosage may result in nausea, headache, rapid heart rate, anxiety or insomnia.

HCG Maintenance Pills Overall Value

One bottle of HCG Maintenance pills runs for $70 plus shipping and will last you one month.  Though its a little cheaper than HCG Activator, it is still highly overpriced for a weight loss supplement. There isn’t anything in its formula to eliminate “sugar cravings” or “emotional urges to eat”. Caffeine may suppress your appetite, but if anything the stimulants may make you a little more emotional. HCG Maintenance just isn’t worth the money


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